The Royal We

by Seagulls

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Colicub Like if Dicky Barrett fronted Jawbreaker and came up with some of the most unexpectedly touching lyrics in non-emo punk history. Favorite track: The Implication.
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released March 25, 2014

Recorded by us at Seagulls' Estates.

Chance Strickland played drums and did backing vocals as well as helped writing tracks 4 and 5.

Rick Bouchard helped out on group vocals and with writing tracks 1-3 as he was drumming for us when they were written.

Mixed/Mastered by Joe Gac.


Art by Billy Duncan and Chance Strickland



all rights reserved


Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: The Implication
I’d been saving up for a better life
what i had wasn’t cutting it
so i found a new town to call my home
and when i settled in and found my place
i regretted some of it-
the friends and the family i left behind
lessons learned- they come with time

i’m feeling like a pile of shit today
second chances came and went
i’m struggling thinking i probably had the time
what kind of a dick am i avoiding it?

it’s all i have
to stop, and focus on the task at hand
Track Name: Darryl Strawberry Fields Forever
Chin up son, it's going to be okay
Tread water, look out, help is on the way
We’ve all been there and so we’re here for you

It’s a matter of time then hours chisel
down to moments and moments are forgot
It may seem like a shitty consolation prize- but it’s all that i can promise

You stared in one direction, eyes glazed over and fighting tears,
after everything he’s done, you’d do anything to have him back

No need to keep appearances up
It's okay to let your guard down
You've already heard the rest
It's hard its hard its hard it's hard to overcome
When you're feeling at your worst
Reach out for anyone near
Open yourself up
you know, I know It's hard to overcome.

Right now I’m searching for something to say
anything i can think of to make it
go away
but my mind is drawing a blank

Though the words aren’t flowing freely
I don’t think words are what you need
i got a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen,
and a bottle of wine to drink

We’ve all been there that's why we’re here
for you
Track Name: Close One
It’s like a scene right out of a movie
you never thought you’d have a part in
I said “I want to see but there’s no way through all of those trees”
Two minutes later that forest didn’t exist

we looked out staring in disbelief
what we witnessed seemed like a dream
the next few days I regained my faith in the seemingly self loathing human race
as community became reality

As I I close my eyes all I see are the smiling faces
and I know what they’re thinking about
Yesterday was a normal day, today was terrible
But at least we’ve still got tomorrow

I got the saddest news that i had ever heard
and I though I took it hard I was far from the worst
I think it’s better that he went on before us
so we gain perspective on what we’ve done

some say too young and that’s just fine
since I can remember I’ve heard this life
is always taken for granted by all but the best of men
this town will never be the same again

Yesterday was an awful day, today we're feeling good.
because at least we’ve still got each other.
Track Name: F.F.M.
I feel the pain, i hear the ringing
when was the rug pulled out from under me?
it sucks, to know, i’ll never, be the man I used to

I’m getting too old for this shit
Two fucking minutes and it’s time to quit
I’d rather sit this next one out
It’s about time we slow things down

You love the cliches, I love the white noise
At least it helps me sleep at night
i’m not, gonna care, much about, the world like I used to
Track Name: Santa's Little Helper
I got the call about 5 on a wednesday afternoon
We saw it coming but we didn’t see it that soon
They say he’s in a better place and I’m inclined to agree
knowing he's not here right now- that's what bothers me

I’ll always keep your fire burning
through the wind and the rain

never forgotten, you’ll hold a place in all our hearts
you knew how to light up the world.
you taught me how to love and you taught me how to smile
for that I’m forever grateful.

I thought I was invincible, it’d been so long since I cried.
But nothing can prepare you for how fragile life is
be thankful for every day you get to spend with the ones you love
and then at night you can pour one out for those that have gone on

i’ve never been good at goodbyes, I'm much better at walking away
if i had another chance I’d say, “you’re gone but not forgotten”

you’re gone but not forgotten
you’ve given us so much
just know that you are loved