Seagulls - Prepare to be Underwhelmed

from by Seagulls, Karbomb



drunk and alone passed out at home / i feel so fucking stupid for thinking i was useful / i'm useless unless i stay out of the way / explaining lies, I fail but i try / to justify the reasons i can't do any better / when I'm just squandering my time. // A step to take / I failed to make / Would have been reaching out for help. / So far behind / I'll let it die / and hope that we can move on towards a brighter dawn // you can let it all fall away / or you can build it up // while we're singing these worn out songs / and pumping our fucking fists / we can give everything our all / when the going's getting tough / these anthems bring us up / or we can let it all (fall) // we radiate like beams of light / moving towards a place of constant life / as people we have a common goal in mind / you never know about potential / until you find yourself up against a wall / those moments- that’s where we find ourselves. // the kids go on and on… singing na na na


from Tag Team Champions, released March 18, 2016



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Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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