Karbomb - Scrape

from by Seagulls, Karbomb



There’s a change in the wind, and it’s time to defend it. / Hold steady and stay ready for this. / Don’t crash at the front lines, we’re desensitized, no reason to stop. / The path is installed. / With this, all has become a reflection of what we have known to be our home. / We’re mourning, so sit calmly and watch your walls all crumble down. // I'd rather hang myself with a bedsheet then walk in your shoes for 6 feet. / Integrity means much more to me. / We get high, but we've been down. / Not always right but always around. Still in your face because you're still in our town. / And for the umpteenth time up all night, remember that it won't be fine. / We may not have 9 lives, but this message never dies. // Go on, and put your face in your hands. / Its wide open and we’re listening to all your reasons, so speak. / We’ve paid our dues, what you don’t do, we’ve got the scars to prove it. / The fallacies in your beliefs is who you are. / This changes it, and change is what we need. / Suffering beneath the weight of arrogance / Throwing pride to the side
With sentiment / Just keep a smile on your face whether it’s real or not / Keep your nose up their asses / And your mouth on their cocks / For us this isn't a phase its a movement / It's not about looking cool or amusement / This is all that we've got, ever wanted / Not just a reason to speak / Shut up when you're talking to me / This isn't one for the weak at the gut / A shitty representation of audible smut / Punk is losing its attitude / We're blaming you


from Tag Team Champions, released March 18, 2016



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Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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