Seagulls - (Treat Yo Self To Some) Night Terrors

from by Seagulls, Karbomb



Claw out your eyes, man, pray for the end to come -- quickly / This is the day you’ll wish you were never born / The trail left behind lead to a bloody knife in your hand attached to your body / Wreck a life and watch your own get rekt. // You chug along with your regrets / With stomped out dreams and misplaced bets / Thinking you would give it all to take it back. / A different turn, another word, / one less drink the night before / You’d give everything to take it back. // If I said it’s gonna be alright / We all know that’s just another lie / frankly i’ve had enough, as i throw my hands up, and I walk out for the last time / knowing things will never be the same // It all seemed so easy in the planning stage / desperate times - they call for desperate measures
/ when the shit’s goin’ down with expectations so high, the execution- it gets sloppy / now you’re, what we can agree on here is, fucked.


from Tag Team Champions, released March 18, 2016



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Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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