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by Seagulls, Karbomb

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Vinyl available from Say-10 records: www.say-10.com/store/karbombseagullssplit/


released March 18, 2016

Recorded by us in May of 2015.

Mixed/Mastered by Randy Garcia at Fort Karate Studios- fortkarate.com

Artwork by Edith Boucher- edithboucher.com



all rights reserved


Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Karbomb - Holy Babble
Jesus fucking Christ. / This could be the big one. Maybe it’s over now. / Maybe it’s just beginning, maybe I'm not done sinning. / They won't give up until you're on your knees. / Holy Spirit, holy shit Virgin Mother Mary "Just the tip?" / Alone in a manger? Or was she squatting on Joe's dick? // The holiday son, what a crock of shit. / You’re going to serve then betray. / You party with the sinners then cry with the saints. / Fuck you. // You're scaring the kids with this crap, and we're all pissing ourselves laughing / at generations raised on fear. / Following a book of lives like there's no way out of here. // You keep your crowns, we want the fire. / So you made him in your own image? / You’re servant to your own design
Track Name: Karbomb - Same Shlitz, Different Daze
I drink all my pain and my pay away. / The body is suffering, pulverized into party submission. // We're just here to drink whatever's free. / Too bad free beer tastes like Piss to me. / Another night the same old shlitz. / Another day having the shits. / Self-abuse that just don't quit. // Hold the throne on my own, hoping that tomorrow never comes. / Drowning in the commode.
Track Name: Karbomb - Tuff Shit
You’re fucking dead if you come back around here, so stay away. / It’s too late for all your excuses that you lay on me. / It’s not my fault you were born into it, then forsaken it. / Swallow your pride as you swallow your teeth as I stomp you in the street. // You’re fucking dead if you come back around here. / You’re fucking dead. So you better stay away mother fucker.
Track Name: Karbomb - Skatebreed
I know the years have passed and some of those were wasted. / I’ve caught a glimpse of the end and now I think I can face it. / Remembering all those times I spent pissing on Death’s door I won’t forget them. / I’ll carry on with all those who are willing. // For all those giving up or giving it their all, / I've had a ringing in my ears ever since we slammed into the wall. / We used to be a breed that fought naturally. / We were young and reckless, full of shit, and we're still pissed with much sincerity. // The only thing that has ever changed, is not my views, but how I see two ways about it. / They built the mold to be broke, so break it down. // The new breed, is who we are. The spark inside the dark that still glows. / We’re loyal to our name, what we are, we’ll always be. So close. // We'll smoke this filter till it’s gone. / Still talking shit without our own legs to stand on. / From sticks and stones to twitching tongues / To screaming bloody murder, / Falling from the tip top of my lungs / For pride and greed we'll always fight for what we need. / Honoring those who won't go quietly, and we won't go away. // It’s all we know now, still living somehow. / Are we efficient? I still wonder. / We live our life in pain, so we don’t die in vain. // We’ve come so close before to be so far away. / All guts and bones we’re never prone to look the other way. / We’re problematic, we’re all addicts, strung out on our lives. / Call us what you will, but we will always survive. / We live together or not at all. // We’re the force that pushes you along, helping hands in case you fall. / The eradicators, self-sustainers, the outcast. / We’re the spark inside the dark, it’s who we are. It’s the only thing we know. / It’s the class of our breed, with no apologies.
Track Name: Karbomb - Scrape
There’s a change in the wind, and it’s time to defend it. / Hold steady and stay ready for this. / Don’t crash at the front lines, we’re desensitized, no reason to stop. / The path is installed. / With this, all has become a reflection of what we have known to be our home. / We’re mourning, so sit calmly and watch your walls all crumble down. // I'd rather hang myself with a bedsheet then walk in your shoes for 6 feet. / Integrity means much more to me. / We get high, but we've been down. / Not always right but always around. Still in your face because you're still in our town. / And for the umpteenth time up all night, remember that it won't be fine. / We may not have 9 lives, but this message never dies. // Go on, and put your face in your hands. / Its wide open and we’re listening to all your reasons, so speak. / We’ve paid our dues, what you don’t do, we’ve got the scars to prove it. / The fallacies in your beliefs is who you are. / This changes it, and change is what we need. / Suffering beneath the weight of arrogance / Throwing pride to the side
With sentiment / Just keep a smile on your face whether it’s real or not / Keep your nose up their asses / And your mouth on their cocks / For us this isn't a phase its a movement / It's not about looking cool or amusement / This is all that we've got, ever wanted / Not just a reason to speak / Shut up when you're talking to me / This isn't one for the weak at the gut / A shitty representation of audible smut / Punk is losing its attitude / We're blaming you
Track Name: Seagulls - (Treat Yo Self To Some) Night Terrors
Claw out your eyes, man, pray for the end to come -- quickly / This is the day you’ll wish you were never born / The trail left behind lead to a bloody knife in your hand attached to your body / Wreck a life and watch your own get rekt. // You chug along with your regrets / With stomped out dreams and misplaced bets / Thinking you would give it all to take it back. / A different turn, another word, / one less drink the night before / You’d give everything to take it back. // If I said it’s gonna be alright / We all know that’s just another lie / frankly i’ve had enough, as i throw my hands up, and I walk out for the last time / knowing things will never be the same // It all seemed so easy in the planning stage / desperate times - they call for desperate measures
/ when the shit’s goin’ down with expectations so high, the execution- it gets sloppy / now you’re, what we can agree on here is, fucked.
Track Name: Seagulls - Prepare to be Underwhelmed
drunk and alone passed out at home / i feel so fucking stupid for thinking i was useful / i'm useless unless i stay out of the way / explaining lies, I fail but i try / to justify the reasons i can't do any better / when I'm just squandering my time. // A step to take / I failed to make / Would have been reaching out for help. / So far behind / I'll let it die / and hope that we can move on towards a brighter dawn // you can let it all fall away / or you can build it up // while we're singing these worn out songs / and pumping our fucking fists / we can give everything our all / when the going's getting tough / these anthems bring us up / or we can let it all (fall) // we radiate like beams of light / moving towards a place of constant life / as people we have a common goal in mind / you never know about potential / until you find yourself up against a wall / those moments- that’s where we find ourselves. // the kids go on and on… singing na na na
Track Name: Seagulls - Lethal Weapon 5
Count me out i’m not going down with this ship / It’s been a long ride, but it’s time I was done with this / abomination- i’ve been reeling since the first draft / thanks for the help as you watch me limp along // The block remains victorious as i can’t seem to fucking scale it / the lip remains out of reach, the edges are rounded and there’s no way to hold on // And while I’m scraping, clawing, and fighting / the rest of you watch with tilted heads. / I say the wrong words, in all the wrong times / I sit seething seeing red. // So where do i go? where I go from here? / In front of a blank page I just sit and stare / Pen in hand- you can’t say i’m unprepared / as you watch me limp along // it’s immediate, the need for some fucking sense of satisfaction / here i am- out on limb but the ground is so far I won’t dare to let go // At the end of the day, we’re all drunk and awkward / wrapped up in ourselves, yet we’re complicit / in letting someone wipe that smug look off our face. / The truth of it is, we’re set up for failure / we get down on ourselves, which just makes it harder / to phone it in, and call a day a day.
Track Name: Seagulls - rob fordingthefuckingriver.
I’m burning bridges just to keep me warm / but I’m running out of fuel as I know the words / fail to hit the same way as before. / I’m wasting time with the same old routine / I’m getting tired of always feeling so goddamn sick / In the end I know it’s all my fault - I can’t have it all - but i’ll try - yeah i’ll try // Drowning in debt with no end in sight / I could kill my free time thinking of a bullshit life / where I’d do exactly what I love, / But I’ve got a job and then i’ve got some friends / and no matter how shitty that I am / they welcome me back with open arms. // I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for all of the shit that I’ve spewed / and I’m sorry, that I’m not sorry, for calling you on yours. // Raise your glass for me when I’m dead and gone / my body’s for the worms and my memory won't last long / It’s a hard night of forgetting, but a new day’s soon beginning / Make sure you have too much to drink // I’m hugging toilets and talking shit / thanks to bad decisions and the thrill of it / I’ve never felt better than when I’m not alone / with a woman and a dog and the tv on / softly lulling my tired ass to sleep / for the last time I close my eyes // Every moment, every breath, we spend searching for happiness / On a mantle, or spread in a landfill- I’m finally at home // We’ll see you all on the other side