All the World's Wars

by Seagulls

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released January 14, 2013

Rick Bouchard played drums and did group vocals on this EP

recorded by Seagulls in October/November 2012 at Seagulls Estates v1.0 and 2.0, and Steve's guest bathroom

mixed/mastered by Joe Gac

artwork by Billy Duncan



all rights reserved


Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox

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Track Name: Casual Encounters
Its always been something we’ve waited for. I know
we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment,
and the road to success is a major annoyance
where i’m feeling too fond of ignorance-
and i know not the only one
that’s feeling down about the state of the world
but is at least thankful for the chance to do

what i love - i’m keeping my head down and plowing through
for the chance - we never know exactly what we have
so we make- the best of every single chance we get
til our last breath- it’s coming sooner than later

we pack away in a little room
(that smells like sweat) with three other dudes
man, this has the potential to be awkward
nose to the grindstone we emerge
3 hours later with a week’s work
while looking disgusting we’re smiling satisfied
while feeling down about the state of the world [the world we’re leaving our kids with?]
I’m feeling thankful for the chance to do.

while feeling down about the shit politicians say
and feeling down about the shit [banks do?][two parties can’t do]
and feeling down about another smear campaign
we’re thankful for the chance to do...
Track Name: The Great Leveler
I got an answer right off the bat this time
Something to regret.

I've never made such rash decisions that had these consequences, but you've dealt this line 100 times before.

We've got one- request to make
Take your time- don't over compensate
For your pride- just try listening
It's just my heart in the balance.

I'll get a response as the last thing I do
We've been coached to move on.

As a matter of fact, I've had a speech prepared that I've been saving for this day- though I usually root for happy endings

I'm blissfully torn between keeping my allegiance and letting what's done be done.
I'm hoping life gets better over time, as I could use a pick me up.

Another day, just another day, I want another day without falling down.

Getting up is getting hard to do
When I can't accept the status quo.
I'll lay in bed for another day
And keep fighting the feeling this thing's gone

She had her reasons, I guess.
In time I'd have my own.
For now I'm trying to stand up
Track Name: Do It Like 86
My hands are tied, by the medium.
There's only so much, you can do with a song
We'll leave them wanting
For a better life
Where a family can be a family
Where no one dies alone
Where we don't settle for the bottom rung
And there's a place we all call home

I don't know what else to tell you
That hasn't already been said
I don't know if some new choice
Can Make you see it my way
What I know is that if I stop for a moment
I'm hanging someone out to dry
Yet at the same time I feel
This is the best of all worlds

My thoughts consist, of eminent oblivion.
As narrow minds, help the world burn
Two mindsets in
Same bullshit out.
And we're convinced we need another day
To right all the wrongs
It's like lying in the mirror
We're all guilty of it- hot damn we need less confidence
Track Name: No Longer Gage
How you just lay down and take it
it’s astounding to no end
the lengths you go to escape,
I’m not reeling from disgust
I’m leaning with intrigue
And thanking my lucky stars I’m done with it

I guess we all can make our own hell
I guess we all can lay in it, too

I wish you’d realized sooner
we’re all running towards the same dead end
we slave and slave and slave and slave
you’re drowning yourself quickly
by letting others drag you down
though you never had to prove yourself to anyone

We're all made to grow up
We're all made to move on
It takes a while to figure it out
There's nothing you can't have
If you set your mind on it
But you're your own worst enemy