Karbomb - Skatebreed

from by Seagulls, Karbomb



I know the years have passed and some of those were wasted. / I’ve caught a glimpse of the end and now I think I can face it. / Remembering all those times I spent pissing on Death’s door I won’t forget them. / I’ll carry on with all those who are willing. // For all those giving up or giving it their all, / I've had a ringing in my ears ever since we slammed into the wall. / We used to be a breed that fought naturally. / We were young and reckless, full of shit, and we're still pissed with much sincerity. // The only thing that has ever changed, is not my views, but how I see two ways about it. / They built the mold to be broke, so break it down. // The new breed, is who we are. The spark inside the dark that still glows. / We’re loyal to our name, what we are, we’ll always be. So close. // We'll smoke this filter till it’s gone. / Still talking shit without our own legs to stand on. / From sticks and stones to twitching tongues / To screaming bloody murder, / Falling from the tip top of my lungs / For pride and greed we'll always fight for what we need. / Honoring those who won't go quietly, and we won't go away. // It’s all we know now, still living somehow. / Are we efficient? I still wonder. / We live our life in pain, so we don’t die in vain. // We’ve come so close before to be so far away. / All guts and bones we’re never prone to look the other way. / We’re problematic, we’re all addicts, strung out on our lives. / Call us what you will, but we will always survive. / We live together or not at all. // We’re the force that pushes you along, helping hands in case you fall. / The eradicators, self-sustainers, the outcast. / We’re the spark inside the dark, it’s who we are. It’s the only thing we know. / It’s the class of our breed, with no apologies.


from Tag Team Champions, released March 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Seagulls Atlanta, Georgia

4 piece band from Atlanta.

Scott- drums
Billy- guitar
Dom- guitar/vox
Steve- bass/vox


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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